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Complicated Care

Low funds, hurricane damage, threats of lawsuits, disappearing neighbors in Seaside Flats and whispers of elder abuse at the police kiosk damage Blanche’s calm in her Florida condo world.


Turns out those would be the least of the problems she’d be dealing with once she finds Edna from the first floor. An exclusive island off the coast holds a lot more than fancy mansions. Deceit, drugs, fraud, foreign visitors, and scared immigrants. 


Getting Edna back to the condo wasn’t going to be a simple fix. Finding a new gang of helpers on Royale Cove doesn’t guarantee she and her crime solving sidekick Al, or the any of the others will make it off the island alive.

AVAILABLE on Kindle Direct MARCH 8

First Tonio has his life or death letter; then the Sun Sentinel reporter was looking for a killer. What was going on out on that paradise island? And she had given Antonio her address, oh dear. And who was the Dragon really after and why? 
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